Cold Air Hits Southeast Wisconsin

The cold air has officially arrived in southeast Wisconsin! As discussed in my last blog, the jet stream has taken a dive south, delivering unseasonably cold temps all the way to states across the south.  This morning Milwaukee was warmer than Oklahoma City and places like Denver dropped below zero. Here across our area, morning lows dropped to the teens and 20's with \"feels-like\" temperatures in the single digits in some spots.  Seems too early for this kind of weather, right?! Indeed it is, as the normal high and low for today in Milwaukee is 48°/34°, respectively. So, with afternoon highs forecasted below the normal low, are we looking to break some records? It doesn't appear so. Digging back through the record books, I've discovered that records for the coldest high of the day (called the \"low max\") are in the teens to lower 20's and record lows are in the single-digits. 

Here's a visual of that data over the next week for the city of Milwaukee:

Date DayLow Max Record Low
11/12 Wednesday 23°
11/13 Thursday 20°
11/14 Friday 19°
11/15 Saturday16°
11/16 Sunday 20°
11/17 Monday 12°
11/18 Tuesday 21°
11/19 Wednesday 16°

The good news is that weather conditions are expected to remain relatively quiet through this time frame.

Is there any hope for a warm up in the long term?  As of now, we are monitoring a potential moderation of temperatures starting the weekend of November 22nd lasting up to Thanksgiving.  In that time frame highs may rise back into the 40's and 50's.  We are also closely watching the potential of two storms, the first of which would arrive next Friday and a second one that following Monday and Tuesday. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here, that's still a long way out. But it's exciting to watch potential storms this time of the year because we are still at a point in the season where storms may come with lightning, rain, snow, sleet or all of the above!  Stay tuned!

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