Coin flip decides St. Francis Alderman race

NOW: Coin flip decides St. Francis Alderman race

ST FRANCIS, Wis. (CBS 58) – Tuesday’s election wasn’t the final word for at least one local race. A coin flip was used to determine a St. Francis alderman position.

Wisconsin law dictates the coin flip to decide tied elections.

City Clerk Anne Uecker called the State Elections Commission when she realized a tie was possible and they told her incumbent Steve Wattawa and challenger Laura Martin captured 253 votes apiece.

Candidates picked heads or tails written on a piece of paper out of a basket and then Uecker flipped the coin. It was tails and Wattawa won the election.

“Well I never thought that in 2018 that we’d be electing an alderman by a coin toss. I just want to let everybody know that it’s important. Their vote does count,” said St. Francis Ald. Steve Wattawa.

“It’s a tough situation, but you know, you put your name out there, you hope the voters come out through your campaigning and vote because every vote does count,” said challenger Laura Martin.

Martin says she plans to call for a recount.

For the full results from the April 3 spring general election, please click here. 

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