Coach Mike McCarthy say Aaron Rodgers is progressing forward and he feels Number 12 will be available to play Sunday

 Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said Friday that Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is \"progressing forward\" from a calf injury.

Coach feels Rodgers will be ready to play Sunday at Lambeau against the Dallas Cowboys.

\"He feels good today,\" Coach McCarthy shared about the QB. \"Obviously we're not practicing today, but he's progressing forward. I feel he will be available for the game.\"

Coach didn't want to engage in any hypothetical speculation about whether or not he would play him if this was a regular season game, but he did say the medical staff and Aaron have the final say.

\"We go through the same process,\" Coach offered. \"If the medical staff felt he was ready to go, he would go. It's no different on the sideline.

He offered the Detroit Lions game as an example.

\"I left the locker room, I didn't think he was playing. He came back on the field. The medical staff felt he was confident to go.\"

He wouldn't get into schemes but said the shotgun formation certainly helps.

\"He doesn't have to do the footwork under center, obviously the pressure you have to put on the left foot and the reverse footwork to your left, that'll help him.\" 

Temperatures for Sunday's divisional playoff game are much warmer than they've been lately at 20 degrees.

Coach told reporters Friday he really doesn't focus on the weather, with the exception of the wind.

“I'm told it's going to be 6 to 8 miles per hour. I'm OK with that.”

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