Co-workers Erratic Behavior Leads Police to Racine Man Growing Marijuana

A Racine man has been charged with growing marijuana and drug trafficking after his friend was struck by a vehicle outside his apartment after smoking marijuana and using LSD.

Steven Sheppard was charged with one count of manufacturing and two counts of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Sheppard told police he lived in the apartment with a female roommate, according to the criminal complaint.

On December 19, he invited two of his friends over and a coworker to smoke marijuana in his bedroom.

The coworker had taken acid / LSD prior to consuming marijuana.

The coworker than began acting extremely paranoid. The other three men tried to calm him down, according to the complaint.

Due to the erratic behavior, his two friends left the residence and left Sheppard with the coworker.

The coworker eventually ran from the house onto the 1600 block of West Blvd.

He was struck by a vehicle while running in the road.

He then attempted to return to the residence, and police found him.

A struggle ensued between officers and the man outside the residence.

Officers noted an odor of marijuana emanating from the home.

The officers prepared a search warrant for the residence.

In the west bedroom, police collected seven marijuana plants.

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