City of Wauwatosa to begin coyote trapping effort 'soon' following attack on family pet

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The City of Wauwatosa says a coyote trapping effort will soon begin following an attack on a family pet in October of 2022. 

Police say the most recent verified attack happened on Oct. 14 near 113th Street and Potter Road. They say a resident let their dog outside in the backyard and when the dog was brought back in, three puncture marks were found on the dog's backside. 

Officials say the 55-pound labradoodle has since recovered after receiving stitches.

Police say the resident didn't see the attack happen but has seen coyotes in the backyard on prior occasions and has reported observing a pack of coyotes in the yard since then. 

The city says trappers are hired following verified pet attacks in an attempt to "locate and remove the nuisance coyote(s)."

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