City of Milwaukee introduces 'PulsePoint,' app that notifies users of nearby medical emergencies

NOW: City of Milwaukee introduces ’PulsePoint,’ app that notifies users of nearby medical emergencies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Fire Department is getting on board with an app saving lives all across the country.

The app, "PulsePoint," notifies people of medical emergencies around them.

The Milwaukee Fire Department says this is very helpful for medical emergencies in crowded areas, like Fiserv Forum. They can send an alert to everyone with the app, so they can perform CPR before first responders arrive.

In this day and age, cellphones are an integral part of our lives.

"Now our phones are going to be able to help firefighters, first responders and citizens who are trained to help others in need," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The Milwaukee Fire Department says the amount of citizens with CPR training is underutilized. From now on, a heart attack call will be sent out on the PulsePoint app through Milwaukee dispatch.

"They push that out. Maybe four, five, 10 people who have the app, they immediately see. They begin CPR," said MFD Chief Mark Rohfling.

PulsePoint is new to Milwaukee, but it's already used in more than 3,700 communities in the country, including suburbs like Greenfield. 

Chief John Cohn says the app works wherever you go.

"I was in Las Vegas last year, and I received an alert that somebody needed CPR, and i was in the vicinity," Cohn said.

PulsePoint has 1.8 million users, and they have responded to more than 700,000 incidents. The more people who sign up, the more effective it is. 

"I really ask every citizen to download that app today, and the good news is, if you don't know CPR, we're willing to train you."

Milwaukee fire is hoping this new technology encourages more people to become CPR-certified.

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