City of Milwaukee Files Lawsuit Against Landlord

City of Milwaukee has filed a lawsuit against a landlord who has allegedly engaged in unfair and deceptive real estate business practices in the City of Milwaukee.

The civil complaint alleges Mohammad Choudry has used multiple companies and names to conceal his identity from the public and shirk his legal responsibilities.

The lawsuit seeks a judgment against Choudry for over $1.25 million which includes $400,000 in delinquent property taxes and $850,000 in damages for criminal racketeering.

Allegedly Choudry has caused his rental properties to become a public nuisance because he has been convicted 82 times in municipal court of property-related ordinance violations.

The Department of Neighborhood Services has issued almost 700 orders that identified 3,000 municipal code violations.

The complaint, also, alleges he concealed his acquisition of 46 parcels of real estate by refusing to record deeds, titling in fake companies, and titling property in the names of others without their permission. 

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