City of Milwaukee Celebrates 170th Birthday This Thursday at the Grain Exchange

This Thursday,  the City of Milwaukee will celebrate its 170th birthday!

The Milwaukee Press Club will be hosting a big bash  on January 28th  at The Grain Exchange.

The theme of this year’s party is “Savoring our City,” a celebration of Milwaukee’s vibrant culinary scene.

Tickets are $35. Pre registration deadlines is the 26th at midnight. Walk in's are also welcome.    

Katharine Braunschweiger of the Milwaukee Press Club says the event is about generating positive image when it comes to the city's restaurant and entertainment offerings. "Really talk about how Milwaukee is a foodie scene," she explained.

Braunschweiger was joined on set by Chef Michael Feker one of the winners of an online competition that was held prior to the birthday party.

The owner of Il Mito and Zesti Restaurants says the food topography has changed tremendously over the years.

"It's perfect timing," he said of the event focusing on the food scene. "We're bringing this flavor to the forefront.

Chef Feker is big on local ingredients.

He brought in a sample of his Risotto Cake on an "angry" tomato sauce as he calls it because of the spice.

It's served with fresh arugula that was harvested by Urban Farmer Will Allen and his Growing Power farm in Milwaukee.

While the restaurant business can be cut throat, Feker sees increasing options as a great sign whether you're a long time resident or a millennial.

"I believe traffic brings traffic, competition makes us better," explained the chef.  "The scene was created by Milwaukee. You gave me my marching orders. That's the beauty of Milwaukee and we support our local entities. We are not about being fake or pretentious. We're real, flavor loving people."

The Savoring Our City Birthday Celebration runs from 5:30 to 8 p.m. 

To pre-register and for information click here 

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