City of Milwaukee Asking Residents to Water Trees

With no significant recent rainfall, coupled with the summer heat, City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works officials are asking residents to give newly planted trees a drink.

DPW Forestry Division staff planted over 12,000 new street trees throughout Milwaukee in the past three years, including 2,325 trees in Spring 2016. Due to recent dry conditions and high temperatures, all street trees planted within the last three years are in need of immediate watering to prevent them from dying due to severe water stress.

“Street trees need supplemental watering during the first three years after planting to help them become firmly established in their new location, particularly during periods of low rainfall,” said Ghassan Korban, DPW Commissioner. “With a little help from City residents, Milwaukee’s new street trees will grow strong
and healthy, adding shade and beauty to our neighborhoods.”

New trees require about 10 gallons of water applied twice weekly during dry weather. Trees should be watered slowly within the mulched area at the base of the tree so the water has a chance to infiltrate into the soil within the root zone. Watering the lawn with a sprinkler helps the tree, but unless it is left on for two hours or more, the water will not penetrate deep enough to fully benefit the tree.

Milwaukee residents should call (414) 286-CITY (-2489) if a new street tree is in need of attention.

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