City of Greenfield's most recent health assesment finds 71% of residents are overweight or obese

GREENFIELD - The city of Greenfield's most recent health assessment found 71% of residents there are overweight or obese. 

Now, the health department is trying to come up with a plan to address health concerns.

Health Director Darren Rausch says his department has decided to focus on three key categories when it comes to improving community health. Those categories are physical activity and nutrition, behavioral health and drug addiction, and healthy aging.

Rausch says the obesity rates here in Greenfield are similar to the state rate. He say it's a tough problem to solve as obesity rates rise across the country.

Rausch and his team believe the best bet is to focus on leveraging things that are already happening in the community to encourage healthy habits. 

\"Using the farmers market, taking advantage of fresh fruits and veggies at the market. More physical activity offerings from park and rec, perhaps putting together a community walking map.\"

The Greenfield Health Department will be releasing the draft Community Health Improvement Plan in early June. 

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