City of Franklin unveils new logo and branding

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) – The City of Franklin has unveiled a new logo with the tagline “Celebrating Quality of Life” in an effort to "enhance its communications and emphasize the positive attributes of Franklin."

“We asked our residents, ‘what makes us different’ and we had an enlightening response. This new branding expresses what residents said is the core reason they love being in Franklin,” said City of Franklin Mayor Steve Olson. “The new logo and tagline give Franklin an identity that is true and unapologetic. What we have created is powerful because it is simple.”

According to the city, the new logo is a nod to Franklin’s spirit of celebration. They say Franklin is a community where people gather to enjoy family, outdoors, heritage and events, including the Fourth of July Civic Celebration and Parade, St. Martin’s Fair, Arbor Day Celebration, and summer concerts. The logo design consists of three colorful upward-flowing banners that form the letter “F” and suggest movement. The banners represent “spirit, initiative and vitality,” which are attributes that will continue to move the city forward.

“This logo is a fresh change from the logo we’ve used since 1988. Change is often difficult at first. Our community is always changing and adapting, and that will happen with the logo as well,” Mayor Olson said.

The previous city logo will not be immediately replaced. Instead, Franklin administrators will slowly switch over to the new logo as materials are reprinted or new materials are needed.

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