City of Brookfield Announces Treatment Application for Mosquitoes

As part of its mosquito abatement program, specific areas of the City of  Brookfield will be treated for mosquitoes Friday, August 19, weather permitting.  Saturday, August 20 is the backup date.

Clark Environmental Mosquito Management Incorporated will be treating about 580 acres of public and private wetlands and flooded lands in the Fox River corridor.  The Wirth Park wetlands will also be treated.

A biolarvicide called VectoLex CG will be applied by helicopter in a granular form.   According to the Brookfield Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, the biolarvicide is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that is deadly to mosquito larvae.  The applications will begin at daybreak and continue through the morning hours.

The public is asked not to use the parks during the application process.  Once an area has been treated, there are no restrictions for public use.

The Brookfield Department of Parks noted that only identified treatment areas meeting larval density and development stage will be treated.  The entire City of Brookfield is not being treated for mosquitoes.  The application is being done under a permit issued by the WI Department of Natural Resources.  Treatment area maps are available at the Brookfield City Hall and on the City’s website.   Information about the abatement program and future treatment dates can be found by calling the Mosquito Program Information Line at 262-796-6711 or going online to

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