City leaders discuss possible Amtrak expansion plan, could serve Foxconn employees

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Public Transportation Review Board met Thursday morning to talk about the possibility of expanding Amtrak service between Chicago and Milwaukee.

The proposal would add three more daily round-trips. Currently, the company runs seven daily round-trips. The plan was presented by representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.

Leaders from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said seating is an issue on some peak trains from Chicago to Milwaukee. They say adding more round trips would reduce travel times and improve reliability. The move would also provide more transportation to the proposed Foxconn plant.

“This certainly upgrades the service to the point where I think it becomes a real option connecting Milwaukee airport with the Foxconn factory,” Board chair and 4th District Alderman Robert Bauman said. “Again the airport, we have a station, Sturtevant, we have a station, existing infrastructure. I think it provides another option for people to consider.”

Bauman said he would like to see more local and state leaders talking about train transit and the possibility of speeding the project up.

A decision on whether the plan will move forward won’t be made until the summer.

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