City Leaders Ask for Residents to Come Forward and Identify Shooter of 9-Year-Old

UPDATE: Mayor Tom Barrett asked in a press conference for residents to come forward and identify the suspects involved in the shooting at W. Meinecke. 

"I am asking residents of this city to help find the people who caused this crime," said Barrett. "There are people who know who were involved in this shooting."

Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton said those suspects violated the trust of the community. 

"The only way to check it. Is for the community to do what is called and make sure those perpetrators are punished," said Hamilton. 

Hamilton said no one is safe from this type of activity. 

The shooting on W. Meinecke happened on the block of Alderman Lewis's house. 

ORIGINAL: A 9-year-old girl is in critical condition after being struck by a bullet at 1508 W. Meinecke on Thursday night

Two armed groups were involved in a shootout on W. Meinecke and bullets struck a home. 

The 9-year-old girl was struck while in her home, and she is in critical condition at Children's Hospital. 

Over 40 shell casings have been recovered from the scene. 

Chief Flynn said District 3 Captain had met the girl last week when the officers were on a neighborhood walk. 

According to Flynn, the girl's only question to police was whether they could keep her safe. 

"It's been a bloody night," said Chief Flynn at a press conference. 

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