City fights to close illegal tavern on north side

MILWAUKEE -- The City’s Attorney Office is fighting to have a duplex located in the 3300 block of North 37th Street deemed a public nuisance. According to the civil complaint, the property owner has been operating an illegal tavern since 2009, and the complaint states the owner sold alcohol to minors.


In the 274 phone calls to police in the past four years, 29 have involved loud music, 7 involved drug use or dealing, and 11 involved firearms. The civil complaint also mentions the double homicide that happened in the basement of the property back in August of 2012. The double homicide is still under investigation.

The city is also seeking to restrict the number of people allowed inside the property between 10pm and 6am, and have not have alcohol sold. According to the owner, an illegal after hours spot has never been operated on his property. The owner says he has been harassed by the police department. 

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