City contractor begins first housing deconstruction project

NOW: City contractor begins first housing deconstruction project

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There are hundreds of foreclosed and abandoned homes across Milwaukee.

Normally those would just be demolished, but a new deconstruction program is building up the community while taking these homes down.

The deconstruction ordinance went into effect this year and officially kicked off at a property near 6th and Burleigh Thursday, Nov. 7.

It requires the deconstruction of most one-to-four family residential structures built in 1929 or earlier, among other historic structures.

Some of the goals are to preserve old growth building materials and reduce dust and debris created by mechanical demolition, but that's not all.

"Number one, it's an economic driver," said 15th District Alderman Russell Stamper II. "We're providing opportunities for individuals to learn skills on how to deconstruct, put some money in their pocket, and most of all have a job right here in the city of Milwaukee."

Back in March, the Common Council directed the Department of Neighborhood Services to dedicate $1.2 million in funding for deconstruction.

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