City committee wants more information about Uber, city attorney will look into it

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee leaders want to understand what Uber will do once it ramps up in Milwaukee.  They will have the city attorney look into what services the company provides.  

They also want to meet with company leaders.  Alderman Bob Bauman says he supports the company's decision to be in Milwaukee.

Bauman wants to make sure Uber isn't skirting rules that are applied to other taxi companies.  Uber doesn't call itself a \"taxi\" company, instead a software company.  

\"The existing taxi cabs go through all this and from a standpoint of fairness either there's no rules for everybody or the same rules apply for everybody,\" Bauman said.  \"I don't think you want to have a group of taxi cabs that are exempt from the rules and another group that has to comply with the rules.\"

Uber expanded to Milwaukee in early February.

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