City announces public-private partnership to help people get into homes

MILWAUKEE -- It's a public-private partnership between Wells Fargo, the city of Milwaukee, and two other groups. The goal is to help families in Milwaukee own a home.

Wells Fargo leaders said its a great investment for people now since mortgage rates are so low.  They noted a big problem nowadays is having money for a down payment.  That's where this program comes in.  It can help people with $15,000 towards a down payment.

There's certain criteria people need to meet in order to get these loans.

Tamekia Jones is one of those. She's hoping to buy a home in the Sherman boulevard neighborhood.

\"This is going to help me buy that house,\" Jones said.  \"I wouldn't be able to do it on my own with the income that I have. With this agency, select Milwaukee and neighborhood lift, everything is going to come together just perfectly.\"

The program has an event coming up May 30-31 at the Wisconsin Center where people can apply for these grants.

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