Churches, volunteers, funeral home reach out to help stranded bus riders

All People's Church is now more like a transit hub. The members have become impromptu taxi drivers. A dozen of them are using their own cars and gas to help people cross town. Pastor Steve Jerbi says they're standing with bus drivers on the strike but also want to help people depending on that transportation.

\"The carpooling is really a way to support those who are fighting for a living wage, and those who are trying to make sure they don't lose their job because of this,\" Jerbi said.

The strike is tugging at Ariele Vaccaro’s heart.

\"A man who woke up at 5:30 in the morning and walked two hours to work, I mean, I can't imagine doing that,\" Vaccaro said.

She's using her older model mercury to pick up as many people as she can, remembering her car-less days.

Further north Reid's New Golden Gate Funeral Home is pitching in. They felt it was too important to leave neighbors hanging so they’re taking folks to work, doctor’s appointments, and hospital visits.

\"The city's in a crisis, so I think it's up to the people in the community to help provide some transportation and do what they can do to help other people,” CEO Arthur Reid said.

For help with getting a ride, reach out to these organizations.

All People’s Church




Reid’s New Golden Gate Funeral Home


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