Children's Wisconsin raising money to improve mental health treatment for kids

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Children's Wisconsin hospital wants to do something about what it calls a growing crisis.

"What this data tells us is that Wisconsin is not doing well in terms of providing access to mental health for our kids and families," said Amy Herbst, Children's Wisconsin. 

The hospital announced Tuesday, Nov. 19 that it's trying to raise $150 million to improve treatment for kids' mental health. 

It's identified a list of goals, including universal screening for mental health, better early childhood, mental health, expanding school programs, and more. 

One critical part of this whole initiative is to reduce the "stigma" that's long been linked to mental health problems. 

"We want to create an environment where kids and families feel like mental health care is just like physical health care. It's something you can talk about. It's something that's OK if you're struggling with it. And it's OK if you're getting help," said Herbst. 

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