Children's Wisconsin hosts winter carnival for young patients and their families

NOW: Children’s Wisconsin hosts winter carnival for young patients and their families

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Joyful sounds of Christmas filled Children's Wisconsin on Wednesday, Dec. 11. 

The hospital hosted its annual winter carnival for young patients and their families. 

Organizers say the event is about celebrating 'all that is winter' and everything that comes with the holidays.

Some children played and had fun doing crafts while others just wanted to talk to Santa. 

And this annual event, while fun, also gives families a little break from the stresses of life.

"We work very hard to include the families in everything that we can to give them some sense of normalcy in the abnormal environment that is a hospital," said Maggie Butterfield, Executive Director of Patient Amenities and Family Services, said.

One mother told CBS 58 that the holiday carnival eases the stress of her son being in the hospital. 

"It was kind of stressful being here for the two days. I took off work, we've been sitting around, but to see that he can get out, smile and still be in the hospital it kind of made me feel better too," said Brittany Harmon, parent.

During the carnival, the hospital also topped off its major construction project. The final beam, signed by many patients and families, was lifted into place on the new building.

The construction project is expected to be completed by 2022.

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