Children decorate trees for Holiday Lights Festival

NOW: Children decorate trees for Holiday Lights Festival

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's beginning to a look a lot more festive in the Milwaukee area. 

Wednesday was the start of transforming Cathedral Square Park into "Community Square Park."

Students from several schools and daycare centers were out decorating trees in the park with handmade ornaments. 

Each tree in the park will represent a class theme or wish. It's part of the 20th Annual Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival. 

"The whole daycare center has participated in making them. The babies have done some footprint ornaments and all the teachers have participated. It's a tradition we've been doing for many years, coming down and decorating the Christmas tree so the kids are very excited to put their ornaments on," said Margie Casey with Marquette University Daycare. 

Kids will continue to decorate trees until November 14. The Holiday Lights Festival starts a week from Thursday and runs through New Year's Day. 

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