Child Neglect Charges Dropped Against Mom Whose Child was Found Wandering Alone in Racine

RACINE -  The Child Neglect charges have been dropped against a local mom after her toddler was found wandering alone in Racine earlier this year.

On January 4th of this year, a local high school senior found a 3-year-old child walking alone in the area of Walden School in the city of Racine. (ORIGINAL STORY: CLICK HERE.)

The teenager told the police that she had found the child wandering alone wearing only boots, a jacket, and an extremely soiled diaper. According to the Racine Police Department, the temperature was approximately 16 degrees that day. An officer was able to locate the child's address off of a birthday card that he had on him.

When the officer arrived at the toddler's home, he found the mother sleeping in a recliner in the living room. She stated her children were taking naps in a different room. The officer noted that the mother also had a heavy odor of intoxicants coming from her breath.

According to the Racine Police Department, the mother stated she laid down for a nap after she put the children down. She also stated that she had two beers prior to taking her nap. A PBT showed that her blood alcohol level was at .122.

The mother told officers that she was unaware that the 3-year-old had gotten up, dressed, and out the front door which was located in the same room where she was found sleeping.

The charges against the mother, Neglecting a Child (Consequence is Bodily Harm), have been dismissed in court today. She is presumed innocent in this case.

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