Child murder defendant resists officers and is wrestled to the ground in court

NOW: Child murder defendant resists officers and is wrestled to the ground in court

A chaotic scene Friday as court officers wrestled a man to the ground.

A man who had just learned he was sentenced to nearly three decades behind bars in a brutal child abuse case.

Tamil Shipman-Allen admitted to beating his girlfriend's 14 month old daughter. The child would die of her injuries.

He also admitted to nearly killing her three year old son.

He started resisting court officers who were escorting him out of the courtroom.

The defendant went on a profanity laced tirade and seemed to object one of the officers touching him on the back of the head.

The details of the case against him are heartbreaking.

The criminal complaint says Shipman-Allen was babysitting his girlfriend's children and admitted to throwing the one year old on the floor and stomping on her.

Judge Jeffery Conen said while handing down sentence, he had to take into account the danger the defendant posed to the community.

"He still goes on," said the victim's Grandmother, Adrian Love, in court. "We have to go through life without Tamiya. She only got to go through her first birthday."

The baby's mother also spoke about her three year old son who was also abused but survived.

"The other day my son said, mama I miss my sister," said a teraful Taleyah Jackson.

The defendant himself apologized and told the court there was nothing he could do to bring the child back.

That demeanor soon changed as the proceedings came to an end.

He yelled out the F word and when a deputy came up from behind to bring him under control, things quickly went sideways.

Somebody in the gallery even yelled shoot him.

But the officers showed restraint, making sure a path had been cleared so nobody was in harm's way as he was led away.

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