Chicago Boy Starts Vegan Popcorn Business

While some kids spent their summer playing video games, one 12-year-old in Chicago is busy building his dream business.

Jayden Hammond is a gourmet popcorn entrepreneur, and his food is vegan and also uses organic ingredients!

Every weekend Jayden's family spends time growing the business, popping up at festivals and farmer's markets around the city.

His parents say they were excited when he asked about starting the business.

"It excites us very much because we know he's going to be alright. He's going to be alright no matter what because he can define his own path," said Jayden’s mom Theresa.

Jayden currently has two flavored popcorns, in addition to plain, and all are inspired by a recipe used for a family movie night.

He donates 5% of his earnings to help with the Flint water crisis.

To purchase some of the delicious and healthy treats, head to Jayden's company website here.

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