Chicago Abduction Victim Opens Up About Attack

CHICAGO (CBS CHICAGO) — Two Chicago area college students were kidnapped and tortured in upstate New York.

Nicholas Kollias, is sharing the story with CBS 2’s Sandra Torres.

“I had been bleeding for hours,” Kollias says. “I didn’t think it was going to make it through the end of the night.”

Kollias, 23, played football at New York’s University of Rochester.

A young woman used Facebook to lure them to an off-campus residence.

Kollias and his teammate were repeatedly beaten and tortured for 40-hours.

“I was shot twice in both legs and I was hit over the head with fluorescent light bulbs and bats and bars,” he says. “It’s really just something you would see in a really graphic scary movie.”

Authorities say Kollias and his teammate were abducted in retaliation for a drug-related robbery they had nothing to do with.

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Sandra Torres is a general assignment reporter for CBS 2. Torres cames to Chicago from Milwaukee, where she was the lead reporter for CBS 58 (WDJT-TV). She also worked for sister station WYTU as a producer and co-anchor for Telemundo Wisconsin. 

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