Cheese, a wrench and muskrat: How U.S. cities are celebrating NYE by dropping odd items

(CBS 58) -- Cities and towns across the country will be celebrating the New Year in their own way.

In the spirit of America’s Dairyland, a cheese wedge lined with lights will be dropped in Plymouth to welcome 2019.

Marshall the Muskrat will be dropped In Princess Anne, Maryland. A flyer for the event reads, “We drop a muskrat. Seriously. You don’t want to miss that.” In Eastport, Maine, a giant maple leaf will be dropped at 11 p.m. to honor the city's Canadian neighbors. Then at midnight, an 8-foot sardine will take the plunge.

Meanwhile, in Eastover, North Carolina, residents will celebrate the New Year by dropping a 3-foot, 30 pound ceramic flea named Jasper, according to the Daily Record.

According to the Cherokee Scout, a possum will be dropped in a Plexiglas case in Andrews, North Carolina. People in Mobile, Alabama opt for a sweeter option, by dropping a 600 pound electric MoonPie. To honor their cities, a wrench is dropped in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and a music note in Nashville, Tennessee

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