Charges filed in Whitefish Bay officer involved shooting

Charges have been made against the man who was seen holding knives during the officer involved shooting in Whitefish Bay on July 13. 
Chad Wilsing was charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety and disorderly conduct (domestic abuse assessments).
Officers indicated Wilsing had a violent and suicidal in the past. 
The last time police were called the defendant allegedly told police the next time he was \"going to have the police kill him.\"
According to the complaint, Wilsing had been drinking. He wanted to drive to his car to pick up five grams of cocaine. 
His wife and sister-in-law tried to stop him from driving. 
He ended up leaving on his bicycle, and he rode around the block. 
While he was gone his sister-in-law suggested his wife call the police. 
Wilsing returned appearing more intoxicated than before. 
His wife told him she was on the phone with police. His sister-in-law left the house with a child. 
He went to the knife cabinet. 
His sister-in-law noticed her husband Wilsing on the porch with two or three knives as officers approached. 
The officer told Wilsing to get on his stomach. 
Wilsing told officers to kill him. 
He then ran towards the officers with the knives in his hands. 
A Whitefish Bay Officer fired two or three shots. 
Officers began performing first aid immediately after the shots were fired. 
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