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Chaotic Crowd at Racine County's Housing Authority Office

The opportunity for people to apply for federal rental assistance in Racine County will continue until noon on Friday.

Linda Ring Weber, the executive director of the Housing Authority of Racine County told CBS 58 she doesn't expect a massive turnout like day one.

Racine Police had to be called to the Housing Authority's office to help organize the crowds.

“I'm willing to accept full responsibility for things getting a little out of hand this way, said Linda Ring Weber. Racine police were fantastic, and we hope to have a smoother sailing tomorrow.\"

According to Weber, the Housing Authority of Racine County helped 700 people apply for federal rental assistance on day one.

On Monday, the agency told CBS 58 they helped 1100 people on day one.

Jamie Szarfinski is one of the people who waited in line.

\"A lot of people need help out there and sometimes it takes a little, you know, someone to give it to you, said Szarfinski.\"

Racine County has an unemployment rate of 11 percent, and this federal program helps the elderly, disabled, and low income.

\"This is the kind of program that's tenant base, which means you can take it to an apartment or to a house or whatever, said Weber. You don't have to live in a certain type of dwelling. So there's flexibility with it.\"

People who waited in line like Audrey Beason say many drove up from Chicago, and that applications had already been listed for sale on Craig's list.

\"When your state opens up the housing list that is where you should apply. Don't come to Wisconsin, said Audrey Beason.\"

The housing authority executive director noted people can drive from another city or state...But if they receive any federal assistance from Racine County, they must live in Racine County.

\"I'm sure a lot of people will drop off the waiting list because of that, because they don't make the move, said Weber.\"

The Executive Director told CBS 58 their agency will try to opt for online applications, instead of in person application on the next cycle.

Applicants can continue applying in person this week at the Housing Authority's Office during the current cycle.

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