Chance of a "Life Time" -- Workout for a better body and mind in 2021

NOW: Chance of a “Life Time“ -- Workout for a better body and mind in 2021

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Time to get a move on with those New Year’s resolutions of being a healthier you. The experts at Life Time Athletic in Brookfield say this doesn’t have to be a Herculean feat. Instead, start with small goals with what you want to achieve.  Also accountability to yourself and at least one other person is crucial to making success happen. The old expression “no pain, no gain” shouldn’t be a main concern either.

John Dahman, Life Time Athletic General Manager, says "a good workout isn’t defined by a lot of sweat or soreness the next day. A good workout is doing something good for yourself both inside and out."

Many physical trainers will tell you a 30 to 45 minute workout, either in person at the gym or virtually at least three days a week, is a good action plan. Remember your stretches, warm-ups and cool downs.

In the meantime, to kick things off for a new year, Life Time Athletic is offering something called a "One Positive Action." It's a way to try various classes Life Time has to offer, complimentary, whether you're a member or not.  Or maybe even a trainer to get some helpful advice. Click here to find out more about this initiative or what this workout facility has to provide overall.

The address to Life Time is 17585 Golf Parkway in Brookfield. The number is 262-899-7100.

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