Chance encounter brings Pittsburgh fans together in Wisconsin territory

NOW: Chance encounter brings Pittsburgh fans together in Wisconsin territory

KENOSHA COUNTY (CBS 58) -- In a sea of Packers and Brewers fans, a chance encounter brings together two Pittsburgh fans.

Steelers fans stick together- especially in Wisconsin.

What some might say was just a coincidental meeting was actually the beginning of a new friendship.

"It's kind of in the blood."

18-year-old Seth Bayles is a huge Pittsburgh pirates and Steelers fan.

But during spirit day last week at his high school, he wasn't able to show off that pride.

"I don't have anything Pirates that fits me anymore,” said Bayles. “Because when I'm dealing this gastroparesis, my stomach condition, you're stomach gets like big, so you kind of grow out of your clothes really fast."

Seth suffers from a rare autoimmune disease.

He's spent a fair amount of time in and out of hospitals.

Lucky for him he had a chance encounter with another Pirates fan in Brewers territory.

"The biggest smile was Seth."

Deputy Brian Horensky from Kenosha County Sheriff's Department was filling in for another officer at Seth's high school.

A chance encounter in the hallway led to his jersey generosity.

"When Seth said that he didn't have any Pirates stuff that fit, I've been collecting this stuff for 30 years, I knew I had something that will fit him,” said Horensky.

The very next day, Seth had his new jersey.

"It was just a crazy coincidence, it was just amazing,” said Seth.

And now both of them have a new friend in each other.

"I don't think these are chance meetings, I think God kind of ushers people together,” said Horensky. “I gave him a piece of cloth. He gave me his story, and I got so much more out of this than I gave to him."

Both Deputy Horensky and Seth are already planning on watching some games together this upcoming season.

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