CBS58 & National Weather Service Teaming up during Severe Weather Awareness Week

When severe weather strikes, the CBS 58 weather team is there for you, providing vital information you need to know about to get you through the bad weather.  The National Weather Service in Sullivan plays an integral part in the entire process as well, especially when it comes to issuing pertinent watches and warnings.

CBS58's Michael Schlesinger spent some time with forecasters at the NWS office Wednesday during the CBS58 Morning News to get an true account of what they have to deal with when the bad storms fire on the radar.  

This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in the state of Wisconsin.  And on Thursday, there will be two mock tornado drills, one starting at 1 pm and the other during the 6 o'clock hour in the evening.  So don't be surprised to hear the sirens activated.  For more about what you need to know about severe weather in general and ways to keep you safe, click on the attached link on this page. 

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