CBS58 Exclusive: Coast Guard Ice Rescue Training

(Milwaukee)--Right now 60% of the Great Lakes are covered in ice. So it's no surprise local fire departments held an ice rescue training exercise along with the U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday. The fire departments participating included Oconomowoc, Delafield, St. Francis, and Waukesha . The Milwaukee Police department took part as well.

Surprisingly the Coast Guard says it's only involved in just a few rescues a year. But the belief is you can never get enough training. CBS58 even got to be part of the exercises.

30 minutes is about the time hypothermia sets in. The Coast Guard hopes this experience will be a lesson for all of us. Knowledge is key as well as proper clothes and equipment if you go on the ice.

The Coast Guard says with the rate we're going, don't expect to see the ice completely thawed until early April.

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