CBS 58 Viewers help local boy get medical alert dog

FORT ATKINSON-Very soon a family's quest for a better life in Wisconsin will be achieved when 4 year old Talon Zuelsdorf returns home with a brand new medical alert dog.

The dog named Hero will help detect when Talon's blood sugar levels are low and get help.

Right now, his autism prevents the boy from doing it for himself.

For months the family has been seeking the public's help to raise the $15,000 to pay for the dog.

The training facility has agreed to release the dog to the family, even though they are $2,000 short.

CBS 58 viewers responded in great numbers after Madison Bureau reporter David Ade first did the story in the beginning of may.

Now the family tells David they plan to return to Wisconsin with the dog on Tuesday.

They will hold another fundraiser to get the trainers paid in full.



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