CBS 58 Programming Schedule Change due to NCAA Sweet 16

The NCAA Tournament returns to action Thursday and Friday. Coverage for the Sweet 16 begins on CBS 58 at 6:00 PM on both days and is scheduled to last until 11:00 PM. 

Villanova vs. Miami will start on CBS 58 at 6:10 PM with Kansas vs. Maryland airing after the game with an estimated start time of 8:40 PM.

Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M will start on TBS at 6:37 PM with Duke vs. Oregon playing afterwards.

On Friday Virginia vs. Iowa State will start at 6:10 PM on CBS 58 with Syracuse and Gonzaga playing after.

Notre Dame will play Wisconsin on TBS with a start time of 6:27 PM. North Carolina vs. Indiana will begin after that game is done.

Due to NCAA coverage, Jeopardy will air at 2:00 PM and Wheel of Fortune will air at 2:30 PM on Thursday and Friday. Rachael Ray will not be shown.

All shows will return to their regularly scheduled time periods on Monday.

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