CBS 58 obtains proposed sex offender map

MILWAUKEE-- CBS 58 first highlighted that Milwaukee has no law restricting sex offenders from living next to schools and parks and brought it to a Milwaukee Alderman's attention.

Alderman Tony Zielinski will soon introduce a new 2,000 feet sex offender ordinance restricting sex offenders from living next to schools and parks. He shows us his proposed map of where sex offenders would be allowed to live and how many offenders would be allowed in your district. The white areas are where sex offenders could live. 

Ten of fifteen districts would have no offenders, but some like district nine would end up with 804 sex offender housing units.

Zielinski says, \"It will equal the playing field for all the different communities because there are a number of different communities that already passed a sex offender residency restriction.\"

Recently the common council president released a letter saying they found 89% of the state's sex offenders live in the City of Milwaukee. But the proposed law won't come without controversy.

Kelly Boutell, in the second district would have no sex offenders under the proposal.

Boutell says, \"It's a stress of your back knowing there are no offenders in the area.\"

But Barbara Sadowski, in the 9th district, would have the most offenders, more than 800.

Sadowski says, \"I wish they would come up with something else like special housing.\"

The new ordinance will be introduced at the commission meeting on the 3rd but public comment and discussion will be on the 12th.

See Map Here:

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