CBS 58 Meets Kansas City Chief's Historian

Wow we are two-for-two on this road trip! a beautiful day here in Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Chiefs and inside Arrowhead Stadium is the chiefs hall of honor, and team historian Bob Moore.

Moore is a walking encyclopedia of all things football. Seriously he knows everything.

Now you might know that Chiefs Owner Lamar Hunt came up with the name super bowl based on a bouncy kids toy called a "Super Ball," and that the name super bowl took a while to catch on-- but did you know that it was hunt that also came up with two other huge super bowl traditions?


Now I then asked Moore why Hunt decided to name the trophy after Vince Lombardi, Moore says he never heard a specific reason, just that Lombardi was the dominant head coach of his era, and it just made sense.

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