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CBS 58 Investigation Update: Seven proposed OWI laws being introduced

 After a CBS 58 Investigation seven proposed OWI laws are being introduced. Our CBS 58 investigation uncovered repeat OWI offenders getting behind the wheel. Milwaukee convicted about 3,800 people in 2013, and 31 percent were re-offenders. We worked with State Representative Jim Ott who is now introducing seven pieces of legislation.

The seven proposed laws are as follows:

1.) All first time offenders must appear in court

2.) Eliminates look back law-- 4th offense is a felony

3.) Mandatory minimum for an OWI homicide

4.) 3rd offense a felony, currently a misdemeanor

5.) Eliminate emission interlock loophole

6.) Mandatory minimum sentences for causing injury with OWI

7.) Mandatory prison sentence of 18 months for 5th and 6th OWI

Some of the other proposed laws include making the third offense a felony to a mandatory 18 month minimum prison sentence for the 5th and 6th OWI.

Rep. Ott says, \"I think by the time someone is offending for the 5th time or the 6th time, and you get six months in jail, seems to me this is chronic offender and they should be dealt with more harshly.\"

He says these won't cure drunk driving but it's a step in the right direction.

\"You can't legislate the problem away, but tougher laws are a part of the solution.\"

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