CBS 58 Investigates: Spectrum customer has cable strung through yard for months

CBS 58 Investigates: Spectrum customer has cable strung through yard for months

WILMOT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The hardest part of bringing internet service to someone's house is what's known as the last mile. It's the final chunk between the pole and a home.

For months, a Wilmot family has been trying to get their last mile fully reinstalled after a storm.

They contacted CBS 58 Investigates for help, when Spectrum wouldn't.

"Tree fell, knocked down all the power lines, cable lines, Wi-Fi line," said Spectrum customer Cindy Wenzel.

She said ever since an early August storm knocked down her cable line, she's been stuck living with a temporary fix.

"They hooked it up, restored our Wi-Fi," said Wenzel.

Spectrum installed a temporary cable to the pole next to the street.

"This is it, we can go all the way up," said Wenzel.

Instead of hanging in the air though, the line snakes its way through her yard.

"Did you guys do this or did Spectrum do this," asked reporter Mark Stevens.

"Put it in the trees? Spectrum," said Wenzel.

The line passes through some more bushes until finally connecting with the pole nearest Wenzel's house.

CBS 58 Investigates measured the distance.

"That's 180 feet and we still have to get to that pole," said Stevens.

The final tally, "90, 90, and 84," said Wenzel, 264 feet.

"I wasn't kidding," said Wenzel.

She provided CBS 58 Investigates copies of the multiple service calls she set up with Spectrum. She said each time though, Spectrum sent out one technician with a van, even after she told customer service she needed heavier equipment.

"We need a bucket truck, and at least two men," said Wenzel.

Frustrated, she said she's considered canceling.

"I'm just fed up and if we had another option for service, I would take it," said Wenzel.

CBS 58 Investigates emailed Spectrum following our interview with Wenzel. We asked what was causing the problem. We also asked how Spectrum ensured the proper equipment and crews are dispatched to appointments. A spokesperson said it would take some time to research Wenzel's account. The next day though, Wenzel sent CBS 58 Investigates a photo and some video.

"They're raising it up!" said Wenzel.

A contractor was fixing the problem. Spectrum's spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience and said they were resolving the issue. The spokesperson did not answer any of CBS 58 Investigates detailed questions.

"My girlfriend said call CBS 58 and they're going to get it done," said Wenzel.

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