Caught on camera: several packages stolen in Bay View

Caught on camera: several packages stolen in Bay View

Some residents in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood have reported packages vanishing from their front porch just as the holiday gift ordering season begins.

It happened Wednesday in the area of Oklahoma Avenue and Burrell Street. 

Homeowners said it’s upsetting to know someone was driving from house to house to steal their items, and it was all caught on camera.

The thief is seen running away from a front porch carrying a large package. He wasn't alone -- someone else is seen running from the house next door.

The owner there said two of her packages were stolen. “I get the little notices on my phone. I knew it was coming. I was on a call, so I popped out to find them and they weren’t here,” Vee Bell said.

Fortunately the items were not expensive.

“The person who stole it really just got the workout gear of a chubby middle-aged woman, so congratulations on getting some yoga pants.”

Her neighbor who recorded the video, wasn’t as lucky. He told CBS 58 News he’s out $200 and a brand new golf bag.

The thieves also targeted a home on the next block over on Austin Street.

It’s upsetting to people in the neighborhood.

“My wife was very upset and angry. We actually moved to Wisconsin from California and were excited we lived in a safer place. It’s been about two years we’ve lived in this house, and we were actually commenting to my in-laws yesterday how safe it was and no packages have never gone missing and then it happened the day we mentioned that. It was a little bit alarming for her,” added Bell.

But they may have come up with a solution to keep porch pirates at bay -- a decoy box.

“She was very inventive and packaged up some of our cat litter and its ready for someone who wants to pick up that item and take it home with them for their opening spree.”

Milwaukee Police recommends people have packages delivered while they're home, also request packages be signed by a someone at time of delivery. They encourage all residents to call police if they see someone stealing packages. 

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