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Caught on camera: Police investigating over 12 garage burglaries on Milwaukee's south side

More than a dozen garage break-ins all within a three hour period took place on Milwaukee's south side. At least one of those crimes was caught on camera.

One resident's camera was positioned so that it was able to catch the midnight thieves in action. 

"This morning when I woke up, I had a person spotted in the alley alert," said neighbor Jay Baumgardner.

Jay Baumgardner's camera set up is advanced enough to recognize people or a car driving by. He says people in a van drove up to his neighbor's garage near 47th and Oklahoma and helped themselves to a snowblower.

"Had I been awake, I probably would have ran up to the back door and called 911 right away," Baumgardner said. 

Police received similar reports from people between the area of S. 38th Street and S. 50th Street. The incidents happened between midnight and 3 a.m.

Police also say that in most of the situations, the doors to the garages were locked. 

"The nice thing is that there is a lot of video, we seem to know who the three are," said Alderman Mark Borkowski.

Police are looking for the people involved.

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