CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Massive fight inside Milwaukee's Barack Obama School

MILWAUKEE-- Cell phone video shows screaming, fighting, and chaos inside the halls of Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education Wednesday afternoon.  

The video shows dozens of students beating on each other, a fight that led to a huge police response and had many parents worried for their children's safety.

CBS-58 crews outside the school Wednesday saw many parents coming to the campus to check on their children.  Our crews also saw a student walking into an ambulance truck on her own free will.  Milwaukee Police say no one was seriously hurt, but parents are still worried more fights will happen.  

"This was the biggest fight I've ever seen since the school's been here," said Lula Wright, who lives near the school.
Wednesday's fight was not the only fight involving students at the school, there was another fight off campus last week.  As students return to class Thursday morning, many could face citations, arrest, and other disciplinary action.  A spokesperson with Milwaukee Public Schools told us, the campus is cooperating with police.

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