CAUGHT ON CAMERA: 21-year old inmate left paralyzed at Kenosha County Jail

MILWAUKEE-- Disturbing video released of a Kenosha County inmate getting paralyzed during a cell extraction at the jail.

Sean Bialas, 21, went to jail for bail jumping, disorderly conduct, and taking a car without consent.

\"Just understand that there's a possibility you could get hurt,\" said an officer to Sean Bialas.

Shortly afterward, a team stormed through his cell.  The incident happened on November 7, 2014. 

The video does not show how officers took Bialas down.

\"You guys just paralyzed me,\" said Bialas, as corrections workers pulled him out of the cell.

Bialas says this repeatedly as deputies dragged him out.

\"I can't feel my body, I can't feel my body,\" said Bialas.

The team of deputies tell him to relax as they restrained him in the chair.

\"What did y'all just do? What did y'all just do?\" asked Bialas, as deputies strapped him down.

Bialas continues to tell officers that he can't feel his limbs-- and when he's pushed over.

\"Oh my gosh, that ******* ain't no joke,\" said Bialas, as his head landed in his lap.

That's when it becomes clear Bialas has no control over his body

\"Oh my gosh, what the **** did y'all do?\" said Bialas.

His attorney, Jon Safran, says the video is deeply concerning.

\"We're very concerned about the actions of those correctional officers and we're very concerned the district attorney down there does not seem to be interested in wanting to review this matter,\" said Safran.

The case was referred to Racine County, where investigators concluded there's no basis to believe excessive force was used.  A case that forced a 21-year old man to live his life as a quadriplegic.

\"This is obviously a devastating injury for anyone, let alone someone at his young age,\" said Safran.

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