Case HS Writes Letter to Parents on Sub Accused of Having Relationship with Student

Some High school students in Mt. Pleasant said they're shocked to learn one of their substitute teacher - one who's well-liked at Case High School - has been arrested for the sexual assault of at least one of their classmates.

The news came out this weekend but the arrest of 28-year-old Justin Beaton of Racine actually happened last Friday.

Mt. Pleasant police said in a press release that Beaton would contact students through social media and would later meet up with them to have sexual encounters. 

A spokesperson for the Racine Unified School District said Beaton is no longer an employee of the district. Monday afternoon they sent letters and used robocalls to alert parents about the situation.

The document - which is signed by Case High School principal Jody Bloyer - stresses that no sexual encounter happened on school property.

It also asks parents to call her with any concerns they may have.

Authorities anticipate Beaton will be charged with child enticement, sexual assault of a child by school staff person, and exposing a child to harmful material. All of those charge are felony-level.

Some students said it was hard to believe Beaton was engaged in predatory behavior because of his activism in church activities.

District staff says he was hired as a substitute in October of 2015.

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