Car Break-In Leads to Privacy Breach at Humana

Recently, a Wisconsin Humana employee’s vehicle was broken into and a secure, encrypted laptop was stolen along with the employee’s hard copy files. The paper copy documents contained member name, date of birth, Humana and clinic name for approximately 2,800 Humana Medicare Advantage members. The documents also included Humana member identification number for approximately 250 of those members.

The paper copies did not contain any Social Security numbers or financial information. Further, any information on the laptop is encrypted and is protected from external access.

At this point, Humana has no reason to believe that the information has been used inappropriately. This week, Humana has been notifying all of the members whose information was on the paper copies. We will also be issuing new Humana Identification Numbers and new Identification Cards to the approximately 250 members that had their Humana Identification number exposed through the paper copies.

While Humana has policies and procedures in place to maintain the security of its members’ information, we are taking additional steps as a result of this incident. These steps include refresher training of our physical security procedures with Humana employees who transport protected information to ensure compliance.  

Members who have any questions about this may contact Humana at 1-800-457-4708, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Any Humana member who believes their information is being used by another party is urged to contact Humana at once so that we can work with the member and law enforcement officials to promptly investigate the matter.

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