Campers, critters, creatures at the Racine Zoo

NOW: Campers, critters, creatures at the Racine Zoo

Summer is here, so grab it while you can.  The Racine Zoo has a great option for your kids with week long summer camps and something called "Slumber Safaris."  It's a way to get a guided tour of the zoo, sleep under the stars along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, make s'mores, and create some enrichment projects for you and the animal kingdom on site.  

There will be several "Slumber Safaris" each month during the summer.  The next one is on June 30th.  To preregister for the event, just click here.

Meantime, I wanted to share some fun photos I discovered while visiting the zoo Wednesday morning.  There was a wedding over the weekend at the zoo, and Myrtle the Tortoise was the actual ring bearer in the ceremony.  This was a first.  Typically, the wedding party, or at least some of them, can feed the giraffes.  

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