California gym applies for beer and wine license

Sacramento (KTXL) -- The newest California Family Fitness gym, under construction on K Street in downtown Sacramento, plans to offer alcohol in addition to workouts.


\"Basic beer and wine service during selected hours,\" explained company president, Randy Karr. \"So if you want to play a pickup game of basketball and grab a refreshment after your game, you'll have the ability to do that.\"


Pending approval of a liquor license, the drinks will be offered in an upstairs lounge which is part of a plan to have the new 30,000 square foot gym complement the surrounding entertainment venues on K Street.


\"You'll be able to get your workout in and be able to stay down in that area and socialize,\" said Karr.


The state-of-the-art gym will occupy what was once the Woolworth building. The lounge will be a feature of an indoor/outdoor mixed use area on the roof which will also include pool tables, foosball, fire pits and a rooftop basketball court.


The fitness center is scheduled to open at the end of April. The lounge will close each night at 11 when the gym closes.


In keeping with the adult environment, the K street location will not offer childcare.


Another unique feature of the gym: two screening rooms where people can watch movies while working out on cardio machines. 

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