Caledonia Police Searching For Woman Who Used Elderly Couple's Debit Card

CALEDONIA - The Caledonia Police is investigating an Identity Theft that occurred at the ATM at US Bank located on Northwestern Ave.

The suspect used the ATM shortly after an elderly couple withdrew funds from the ATM. The elderly couple forgot to retrieve their debit card before driving away from the ATM. When the suspect drove up to the ATM, the transaction from the elderly couple was still open.

According to the Caledonia Police Department, the suspect withdrew $200.00 from the elderly couple's bank account. The suspect left the card and the receipt from the withdrawal on the ATM which the elderly couple recovered.

The suspect is a black female, who wore glasses and had a large watch on her left wrist. She was driving a black Mazda 4 door sedan. A juvenile male was seated in the passenger seat and a female was in the rear seat, driver’s side. After the money was withdrawn from the ATM, the suspect gave it to the young male to hold. He could be seen holding with money and dancing excitedly in his seat. He was wearing a baseball cap that had a large dollar sign on the front. 

If you have any information, you're asked to contact the Caledonia Police Department. 

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