Caledonia man accused of hitting son over home's Wi-Fi password

CALEDONIA -- 53-year-old Randolph Zich of Caledonia is facing criminal charges after allegedly hitting his son during an argument on March 4th.

The criminal complaint says Zich became upset with his 15-year-old son after he gave him the wrong password to the home's Wi-Fi network. The teen told police his father was drunk and became agitated with him after he gave his father the wrong password to the house's Wi-Fi network.

Zich allegedly pinned the 15-year-old against the stove, and began slapping him back and forth multiple times with an open hand. Investigators did note that the 15-year-old's cheeks were inflamed in their report.

Zich is charged with physical abuse of a child and disorderly conduct. If convicted of both counts, Zich could serve over six years in jail.

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