Café Benelux to Close for Renovations

Café Benelux in Milwaukee’s Third Ward will be closed for renovations beginning the evening of March 5th, with a scheduled reopening planned for March 17th.

Café Benelux will reopen on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, with regular breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.

The Lowlands Group released a statement about the closing of Café Benelux.

It is the latest in a series of Lowlands Group’s grand cafés to be renovated.

“Ever since we opened our doors in the Third Ward, Café Benelux has been one of our most consistently busy cafés,” said Dan Herwig, director of brand and marketing at Lowlands Group. “Between our unique rooftop deck, the proximity to the Milwaukee Public Market, and everything the Third Ward has to offer, we have seen an amazing amount of traffic over the past few years.”

Planned updates include refinishing the flooring, expanding seating into a new dining space, updating merchandise displays, and redesigning the bar to increase the number of draught lines from 30 to 36, including a nitro line.

 “We wanted to complete the work before our busy patio season starts, which we already had a little taste of in February this year.” said Herwig. “If weather cooperates we will reopen with our rooftop deck open.”

The location reopens on the 17th, and will launch an updated brunch menu that weekend, including authentic “Liège” waffles.

Liege waffles are not made with batter, but rather with a brioche dough that is allowed to rise, just like bread. 

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